Should I buy an off-plan property in Spain?

The pandemic made finding a bigger property with larger terraces and more services, a priority for many homeowners. Recent trends of the Real Estate Market in Spain indicate that the desire for bigger properties with outdoor spaces increased during 2021. However, properties with a large surface area and beautiful landscape like a Villa in Marbella […]

Advantages of Buying a new property in Spain

As per the Instituto de Valoraciones (Spanish Valuation Institute), during the Covid-19 lockdown, the property market trend shows better evaluation for new homes in Spain as compared to second-hand or pre-owned homes. These new homes are usually preferred because they are built as per the modern demands and are more energy-efficient. Moreover, they are tucked […]

Guide for visiting a property in Spain

This section offers tips on viewing properties in Spain during the process of house hunting. This is a very important part of the purchase process as it helps you find a property that suits your needs.  You must prepare well for this if you don’t want to waste time looking at inappropriate properties and end up […]

How To Define Your Property Needs in Spain

When considering the purchase of a property in Spain, whether it’s a luxury villa in Marbella or an apartment in Costa Del Sol, it’s important to go in with your eyes open. The investment in time and money will likely represent a major lifestyle shift for you and your family. To help provide some guidance […]

Guide for Buying an Off Plan property

Buying a property that is currently under construction requires a different approach than buying a resale property: Signing a private sale contract with developer After your estate agent has carried out the relevant due diligence and helped you with the contract negotiations, you can proceed to make the first payment. The payment is somewhere between […]

Private Contracts when buying a property in Spain

After doing all the checks required of you, and your solicitor has given you the all clear sign, you can commit to making the purchase by signing a private contract and paying a deposit. Below is an explanation of why this is the most common way to proceed as much as it’s not the only […]

Guide for buying a Resale Property in Spain

When purchasing property in Spain, being organized is the key. Below is an overview of the steps involved in buying a resale property in Spain. Buying a property is one of the most important decisions you will make. No matter if you are considering buying a luxury villa in Marbella, or an small apartment as […]

Best beaches for dogs in Marbella and surroundings

Marbella is internationally known for its beaches, but did you know that you can also enjoy them with your pet? If you are thinking of coming on holiday to the Costa del Sol with your dog, these are the best pet-friendly beaches in and around Marbella

IRPF reduction if you are renting your property in Spain.

If you have your own property in Spain and you are renting it, find out here how to pay less on your annual tax return. According to the tax authorities, the reduction for renting in the Personal Income Tax Law is 60%. It is calculated on the positive net return obtained for renting a property. […]

How Spain Measures up as a Retirement Destination

What makes Spain so popular as a retirement destination? We look at how it compares favorably with other retirement hotspots around the world. As retirement approaches many well-travelled people consider where in the world they would like to spend their golden years. The smart way to compare international retirement destinations is to make a list […]

Repairs and Liabilities for Spanish Landlords

Many British visitors and expats take advantage of the great deals in Spanish real estate and invest in properties in Marbella and Andalusia. They may use their villas and condos as a second home or for holidays. When not is use, some owners rent out their luxury holiday properties to generate income and help pay […]

A Guide to the National Healthcare System in Spain

As in the UK, Spain has a free state healthcare system that is paid for by social security payments deducted from your wages. If you have residency or are working in Spain you will have access to the healthcare system which is ranked among the best in the world. Managed by the Spanish Ministry of […]

7 Tips for Retiring to Spain from the UK

There are many benefits to retiring to Spain from the UK. The warm dry climate eases achy joints and arthritis and sunlight provides a natural daily dose of vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth. With an affordable cost of living, cheap flights back to visit the family and plenty of attractions, why would you […]

Why the Costa del Sol is a Golfer’s Paradise!

The Costa del Sol has long been known as a paradise for golfers. It boasts over 100 championship golf courses set in magnificent scenery with year-round golf in a dry and sunny climate. With the development of “Golf Valley” around Nueva Andalusia, modern golf homes can be enjoyed by avid golfers as well as their […]

Buying a Property in Spain After Brexit

Brexit seems to affect everything, from the availability and price of medications to the rights and security of expats owning property abroad. With the initial Brexit delayed from March 2019 to October 31st, and finally approved on January 31st of 2020, smart British investors are securing their long-term rights in Europe by snapping up properties […]

Moving to the Costa del Sol – Area Guide

There are many good reasons why people choose to move to the Costa del Sol. It may be for work, retirement or to run your own online business. The sunny climate, stunning homes, beautiful beaches and championship golf courses are just some of the perks! Since the mid-20th century, when package holidays put Andalucía on […]

Moving to Spain: 6 Things to Consider

Many people dream of moving to Spain, especially if they plan to enjoy their retirement in the sun. While many people make the move successfully, others are disappointed and eventually return to their homeland. Doing your research and finding the most suitable location for you personally is vital to avoid any expensive mistakes. Here are […]

What is the NIE and how to obtain the Foreigner Identity Number in Spain

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the NIE in Spain or Foreigner Identity Number (“Número de Identidad de Extranjero”), is a unique number that all foreigners must have for identification purposes if: A procedure is initiated to obtain a document enabling them to remain in Spanish territory other than a visa. They have been […]

How to open a bank account in Spain for Non-Resident

If you want to know how to open a bank account in Spain, but you are not a citizen of the European Union or you don’t have a residence permit in Spain. This is your post. One of the main questions our foreign clients ask when buying a home in Spain is how to proceed […]