7 Tips for Retiring to Spain from the UK

There are many benefits to retiring to Spain from the UK. The warm dry climate eases achy joints and arthritis and sunlight provides a natural daily dose of vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth. With an affordable cost of living, cheap flights back to visit the family and plenty of attractions, why would you want to stay in the UK if you don’t have to?

Once you’ve made the decision to retire to Spain from the UK, there are some practical considerations to help you find the perfect retirement home in the sun.


You may be tempted by a rustic villa in the mountains with stunning views, but think ahead a few years. As a permanent home, would this really be a practical choice, far from shops, restaurants and medical services?


You may currently drive everywhere, but wouldn’t a home close to public transport provide an alternative if/when you can no longer drive? You won’t want to be faced with selling your home in order to move closer to local amenities in 10-15 years’ time.

Neighborhood benefits

Retiring to Spain as a couple is an adventure, but one day you may have to continue life without your partner. However independent you are, you may be glad of expat friends for support in the future. Getting established in a residential community means you’ll have plenty of time to make new friends and enjoy onsite amenities such as a swimming pool, golf course, restaurant and landscaped gardens.


In retirement, you are probably looking to downsize your home to save on running costs and have a smaller newer place to maintain. Moving to Spain could leave you with an extra nest egg, providing peace of mind and the ability to spoil yourself occasionally.

Single storey

Now’s the time to choose a home without stairs. Look for a single storey villa, bunglaow or one with a downstairs bedroom and bathroom. Alternatively, opt for a ground floor apartment or one with a lift. If there are any steps, make sure there’s a hand rail or space to fit a stairlift.


Don’t be tempted to take on a large garden or one on a steep incline. While you may relish the challenge of gardening when newly retired to Spain, it could become a nightmare. It makes sense to choose a home in a community where all the landscaping and pool care is included in the maintenance fee. This is also the best choice if you plan to be absent from your home for long periods of time.


Open plan living provides a sense of space even in a smaller home. It also provides easy access for wheelchairs or walking frames. Choose a bathroom with walk-in shower, not one that is over the bath tub, and preferably with space to add handrails or a seat.

By following our 7 tips for retiring to Spain from the UK, you should find your perfect retirement home first time!

Based on an original article by RightMove