Guide: Home Staging- How to impress the client on the first visit?

Do you know what Home Staging is? Do you want to sell your house faster? In this post we tell you all the tricks to sell your property faster and getting the highest price possible. Keep on reading!

If you are selling your property in Spain and you have all the documents needed to sell your house ready, and completed the first selling steps correctly,  it won’t take long until you start receiving the firsts customers ou have already complete the first steps for selling your property in Spain: you have all the The hardest part comes now!: You must astonish the client with your house and make them consider it as the ideal home for his family. In this post we give you the best tips for it!

When it comes to selling a property the first impression is the most important. That first feeling about the house will influence the buyer to continue their buying process of your house or not. If the first visit was not a pleasant experience, you can forget about a second visit and of course the sale.

Home Staging is a concept related with the techniques that highlight the best features of the properties, reducing the weak points to make it perfect for the sale. The Home Staging does not mean hiding the imperfections, but adapting the house so the client sees himself living in it.

Six Home Staging Tactics:

Some of the good practices of the Home Staging are:

  1. Neutralize the decoration:

Avoid all personal objects such as photos, the drawings of your kids, souvenirs of your last travel… The buyer wants to imagine himself living on the house, not discover how you live there.

The decoration must also be neutral. A very personal style with too much color, old furniture or a room overcharged with accessories can distract the buyer. If the buyer has to imagine the decoration possibilities, it will be much harder to sell. Make it easy for him and show the potential of your house!

  1. The importance of the smell:

The scent of a room is one of the first things we feel when entering to a house. You can use an air freshener with a neutral odor or even make coffee before the viewing. The scent of coffee always remember of cozy homes!

If you prefer not to use any scent, make sure the property is well ventilated when you receive the visitors. This have special importance if there are any pets or you smoke within the house.

  1. Lighting:

We all like a lIght-filled house, therefore, the potential buyers like it too! When planning visits to your property, try to have enough lighting. Try to set the viewings in the hours with the most light of the day, open all blinds, and if it is not enough, try to turn on enough lights so the house does not look dark.

  1. Cleanliness and organization:

It is something that can seem very basic but at the same time very important. Try to make your house look clean and tidy at every moment. The bathroom and the kitchen are always the most conflictive areas. Don’t leave cosmetics, or dishes around.

On the other hand, try to avoid all items that don’t add any benefit to your house. For example all magazines, book piles, clothes, toys, shampoos… The organization will make your home look bigger!

  1. Painting the property:

A recently painted house will always look newer than what it really is. Therefore, investing a small amount in painting the house will not only accelerate the selling process, but also will grant a higher selling price.

Choose white or light colors, and if possible avoid Artex walls. Buyers like simple and clean lines. Painting a property is a good option to change the appearance of a property and it can also help making the rooms look brighter and even bigger!

  1. Attention to details:

Now is the time to repair all the little things you have been “leaving for later”: Not working blinds, doors that don’t close properly, taken down towel racks or frames…. Everything needs to be ready for the visit!

Small flaws can make the buyer feel that the house is not well built, or that they may need to invest a lot of money or time to fix all imperfections. Repairing all these little details can substantially improve the perception of the client on a first viewing!

The preparation of your house to meet the clients demands may seem like an easy task. However, in many occasions a professional supervision in needed. Owners are not impartial, and seeing smalls flaws or being neutral with the decoration can be hard from their perspective.

To solve this issue, some real estate agencies offer Home Staging services. This can help the owner to not only shorten the sale time but also get more money for their house. A real estate professional knows what the clients are looking for and can guide you in that direction in an objective and professional way.

If you have the intention of selling your house in Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis o surroundings, contact us!

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