Places you can not miss when visiting Estepona.

Estepona, a town on the Costa del Sol admired, has lovely places you can not miss, as well as if you visit or have the privilege of living there. Estepona over the years, due to its unbeatable location and its excellent climate has become one of the favorite destinations in the province of Malaga, whether for a few days of holidays throughout the year, or to enjoy their luxurious properties. They are luxurious by where they are, because in a few places in the world can enjoy such a good weather, while you have all the privileges next door, the best entertainment, the best gastronomy, history and culture very rich and beaches that everyone should enjoy at least once in life.
The beaches and good weather are arguably two of the most important highlights of this town, but that does not mean they are the only ones, as also worth enjoying its most significant places, patrimonially talking.

These enclaves, are the following:

Selwo Adventure Park, which is a cross between a theme park and a zoo, which is especially liked by families with small children and those passionate world of fauna. Notably the park, there are about 200 wild species living in semi-wild habitat.

The Sierra Bermeja. It is the mountains of Estepona, but also resides with the same mountain range of Marbella. The called “Bermeja” because the mountain is oriented slightly east and this makes the rising sun turns red all morning. It is accessible to the summit by car, bike or walk inlcuso. The views from the top are great because you can see the whole coast from Granada to Gibraltar, and even clear days, you can see the coast of Morocco.

Estepona Port. Central and very accessible, the port has everything from shops, bars, restaurants and a variety of places to grab a beer or dinner while children enjoy many activities for them. Also noteworthy is a very good for photography lovers, for good views.2

“Plaza del Reloj”. It is located in the historical center of the town, near the Town Hall of Estepona. There is the famous “Torre del Reloj”, which is an Arab minaret of excellent beauty, with many years of history.

Rada beach. It is best known beach Estepona, being in the town center. You can access it through the promenade. Has all kinds of services, such as showers, lifeguard service and daily cleaning, excellent fine sand and the waves are moderate almost all year.

Castle “The Nicio”. Today only you can see the ruins of the fortress of the ninth century, but a true historical value.

“Torres Almenaras”. They are of Muslim origin are seven buildings disitribuidas found along the coast. They worked at the time as a defensive system in the wars of past centuries.

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