World Health Organization says Marbella has the best air quality in Spain

Marbella not only has the best beaches and the best weather conditions, but visitors will also benefit of the healthier air they could ever breathe in Spain.

The WHO (World Health Organization) analyzed the air quality of 1.600 cities in 91 countries, determining that over half of the world population breathes polluted air. This survey studied 46 Spanish cities, 37 of which do not comply with the recommended pollution levels, while other 9 cities, fortunately, are in line with the recommended guidelines, and among these we find Marbella.

Marbella is the third less polluted city in Spain. The above mentioned assessment analyses the air quality and shows that Marbella has the third minor level of pollution (7 mg/m3), one mg more than the first two cities, located in the Canary Islands, against the high levels of bigger cities such as Barcelona (16mg/m3) or Valencia (14 mg/m3).

Data refer to different years (from 2008 to 2012) and have been detected with different measurement systems, hence the organization refuses to make a ranking of the less and most polluted cities.


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