How to choose the perfect Holiday Home for you? | Andalucia Realty

How to choose the perfect Holiday Home for you? | Andalucia Realty

We have gathered the main concerns of our clients to create this useful guide to help you choose the perfect holiday home and buy a property that fulfill all your needs.

1- Location:

It might be very obvious, but location is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a property.

Think what is the most important thing for you about the location: Close to the golf?, close to shops?, or at walking distance to the beach?, do you need to be close to the old town?, do you want pubs and discos around or do you prefer a quiet location?… Write them down!

Is better for you to come and explore the area prior to start looking for a property. If you  are still not sure, a local sales agency will always be of help! We know all the areas, and will find the best one for your needs.

2- Budget:

Yes, we all want a property next to the beach, a 5 minute walk to the Golf, and in the best area of the city with pool, brand new and stunning views. Despite our wishes, not all of us can afford that. Therefore a good option to start looking will be setting a budget.

On this point you have to consider how much will be the maximum budget and if it includes taxes and other costs. It might be the time to start ranking the priorities, what is really something that you wish your property to have? for example, if it is being close to the beach, start thinking how far are you willing to accept as a maximum?

3- Space:

Think if the property will be only for you, or will also family or friends come to visit?, in that case you might want to consider their needs in terms of space.

If you like to be surrounded by your beloved ones check if there enough space to accommodate unexpected visitors as friends or family, or do you prefer a cozy home just for you with low maintenance?

4- Potential:

Even though you are buying a holiday home for you, think about the potential this property might have in case you would like to rent it in the future, or even in the seasons you are not in the city!

You can also be thinking in a holiday home that will become permanent eventually (eg: after retirement), would you sell this and look for another residence to become your main home, or do you prefer just to do one investment and keep this holiday home to become permanent someday?

5- Legal Requirements

It is always useful to have legal requirements in your mind when you are thinking of buying a property.

If you would like us to help you find the perfect holiday home, don’t hesitate to contact us!, just tell us your needs and let us do the work!