The best private schools in Marbella & the Costa del Sol

A study recently made establish that 6 of the best private schools in Spain are in Marbella. For that reason, we have made a list of the best private schools in Marbella & the Costa del Sol. With this list we also intend to facilitate the task of finding a prestigious school for families who wish to move their permanent residence to Marbella or the Costa del Sol.

  • Aloha College Foundation: With more than 35 years of experience in the education sector, it is the best valued private school of the Costa del Sol. It welcomes students from 3 to 18 years old and has more than 57 nationalities among its students. The school boasts a broad curriculum focused on personal development and growth, effort, honesty and respect.
  • Swans International School: It aspires to provide a place where children can be educated to become active members of society, as well-considered, educated and principled people. This educational center seeks to provide a curriculum that offers the greatest possible opportunities and a bright future for its students.
  • EIC- English International College: Based on the English education system. The mission of this school is to make the students explore and develop their main objectives. It has some enviable sports services, with Olympic pool, soccer field, volleyball court and platform for long jump.
  • Laude San Pedro International College: recognized as one of the best Spanish schools in the DICES 2018 guide. It is based on the British education system, with students from 3 to 18 years old. In this school your children will develop not only their basic knowledge, but also activities such as music, violin, piano or guitar, as well as languages as French German and Chinese.
  • German School: The only German center in Marbella. Educates children from the first years to “bachillerato”. This center obtained in 2014 the title of “Excellent quality”, in which the quality of teaching, learning, school management and school development and culture were valued. Yoga, music, fencing or soccer classes are also offered for the youngest students.
  • Calpe College Internationa School: Focused on early childhood education from 2 to 10 years. This school with more than 40 years of experience follows a British curriculum. It has extensive sports facilities, educational playgrounds and a large library.
  • Saint George’s School: Offers bilingual education to children between 3 and 8 years old. This private school is focused on the social and emotional development of your offsprings, while they learn and form a quality educational curriculum.
  • Las Chapas School: A ladies’ college founded in 1980. Characterized by an education based on early stimulation. In 2014 it was chosen as the 15th best school in Spain for its internationality. The Attendis group, owner of this school, also has the Ecos school in the area, for boys from primary to high school.
  • British School of Marbella: its objective is to help children reach their maximum potential and encourage them to go even further. He wants to prepare students ready for the future, with a conscious education and values. There are levels from infant to high school (courses 10 and 11)
  • Colegio San Jose: It has two centers on the Costa del Sol, one in Estepona and the second one in San Pedro. This institution has almost two centuries of history, following it aim of involving students to develop a free and responsible personality, so that they can grow independently and achieve their goals through effort and knowledge.
  • La Latina: This bilingual private school is in the center of Marbella, a few minutes from “El Piruli”. It offers a comprehensive education from the first steps to bachelor.
  • Colegio Alboran: Is awarded as one of the best schools in Spain according to the DICES Guide of 2018. It focuses not only on intellectual development but also on a combination with motor development that increases self-confidence and ease development. This center has a wide range of sports equipment such as horse stables, soccer field, basketball courts, handball and paddle courts, as well as a swimming pool and farm-school area.
  • San Anthony: This private school is located in Mijas Costa, Málaga, and has great prestige in the area. Welcomes children from pre-school to high school.
  • Colegio Salliver. Located in Fuengirola, this school have been chosen as one of the bests in Spain according to the DICES Guide of 2018, as one of the best in Spain. From 0-18 years old. This Private school in the Costa del Sol has an early stimulation system based on the M.O.R.E model, promoting the study of languages ​​such as German, English and even Chinese, as well as carrying out extracurricular and sports activities. It has laboratories, sports facilities and an interesting exchange program with United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • French International School of Marbella (EFIM): The EFIM is a primary and nursery school. It offers trilingual education in French, English and Spanish, built on the hybridization of active pedagogies and in accordance with the French national education program. From September 2021, the efim will welcome French and non-French children from 3 to 11 years old.

The Costa del Sol is an area equipped with many schools, high school and activities for families. In this guide we have listed the best private schools in Marbella, but if you are thinking of living in the area you may also be interested in knowing the best golf clubs in Marbella, or even finding your ideal home.

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