How to get the Golden Visa in Spain to obtain the Residency Permits

How to get the Golden Visa in Spain to obtain the Residency Permits

In order to obtain the Golden Visa in Spain you need to do an investment of 500.000€ or more in real estate. This investment will grant a Family Residency permit.

In 2013 the Spanish Government, to stimulate the real estate sector, introduced a law in which was stated that, in return of an investment of 500.000€ or more, people from outside the European Union can get the Spanish Residency Permits.   This Residency Law enables non-EU citizens to stablish in Spain and to travel freely in the European Country.

This family residence permit will include both husband and wife as well as any children below 18 years old. As the law requires that each applicant makes an investment, children older than 18 will have to make a second investment.

However, an investment of 500.000€ in Real estate, is not the only way to obtain the Investor Residency visa. Any of the following investments are valid:

  • Investing at least 2.000.000€ in Spanish Treasury bonds
  • Investing at least 1.000.000€ in shares of Spanish Companies
  • Depositing at least 1.000.000€ in Spanish bank accounts
  • Investment of 500.000€ in real estate in the Spanish territory

This new law is made for individuals whose main residence would not be Spain. Compared with the common way of obtaining the visa, this golden visa allows the investor to travel to Spain only once during the validity of the visa, while before it was necessary to stay at least six months in the Spanish territory.

It is possible to renew the Spanish investor visa after two years, and once five years have passed, it is possible to obtain a permanent residence or even the Spanish citizenship after a period of 10 years.

The requirements for the applicants are:

  • Not being a EU citizen
  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Don’t have any criminal record in Spain or in the country where he or she has resided for the past five years.
  • Don’t be already in Spain in an irregular situation
  • Have access to medical insurance
  • Be solvent
  • Pay the application fee

There are other concerns about applying for the Visa, for example: a mortgage can be requested but only for the excess above 500.000€. It is compulsory that a minimum of 500.000 is invested without any loan or mortgage (weather national or foreign). VAT is also excluded, meaning that if you are purchasing a property, the price before taxes must be 500.000€ minimum.

Note that this proposal is not retro-active, meaning that if you had purchase a property over 500.000 before this law was published, you can’t benefit from it.

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