Moving to Spain: 6 Things to Consider

Many people dream of moving to Spain, especially if they plan to enjoy their retirement in the sun. While many people make the move successfully, others are disappointed and eventually return to their homeland. Doing your research and finding the most suitable location for you personally is vital to avoid any expensive mistakes.

Here are our six tips for things to think about when moving or retiring to Spain.

Integrate or Live as an Expat?

Do you plan to live like a local or remain a firm expat? Retiring to Spain to live in a small local town or traditional village means you will need to integrate more in order to have friends and a social life. You may also need to learn to speak Spanish. If you don’t want to adapt to the Spanish way of life, touristy areas around the main cities, Costa del Sol beaches and golf clubs are the best way to live the expat lifestyle with like-minded neighbours.

City, Beach or Rural Location?

According to SpainMadeSimple, the majority of British immigrants choose purpose-built homes along the coast, or around the local golf club. For younger immigrants moving to Spain to work, the big cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, or Seville may be more appealing, with big city bustle and vibrant multi-cultural nightlife. Consider how you envisage your new life, and choose a new home to accomplish your dreams. You may want to stay in the area first to experience the lifestyle.

Cost of Living in Spain

In the past, the Euro exchange rate meant that those with a UK pension of sterling-based income found that their money went a lot further in Spain. However, the current exchange rate has meant that the benefits are less noticeable. However, eating out and alcoholic drinks are much cheaper in Spain than in the UK. If you plan to work in Spain, the wages are lower, but so too are the living costs.

Healthcare in Spain

You need to do some research on healthcare in Spain, especially if you plan to move permanently to Spain as you may no longer be eligible for NHS cover. If you become a Spanish resident, you may be eligible for Spanish healthcare, although some additional cover may be required. Private healthcare plans in Spain are very affordable with monthly plans covering basic appointments with doctors and dentists. Check out the medical facilities in the area you are planning to move to and do your research on the quality and cost of medical services. As you get older, healthcare can be a very important factor in your decision.

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