Which are the benefits of living by the sea?

What are the real benefits of living next to the sea? Since the 18th century, doctors have recommended travelling to the coast and enjoy the sea breeze, but do we know why?

According to a study carried out by the University of Exeter in England, those who live close to the sea showed better rates of physical and mental health than those who lived further away. It is due to several reasons:

Living by the sea helps allergy sufferers and people with respiratory problems:

One of the benefits of living by the sea is that it helps to have better lung quality. The air is in constant circulation thanks to the marine currents, lightening the temperatures, and in addition helping with the cleanliness and quality of the air.

It helps to have a more active lifestyle:

A study conducted by the University of Michigan revealed that living near the sea promotes the regular practice of sports, such as walking or cycling. Marbella’s promenade, with its more than 10km, is the ideal place for a morning run along the Mediterranean shores or a walk with the sunset in the background.

It Improves your vitamin D levels:

Vitamin D is obtained mainly from sun exposure. This vitamine is responsible for strengthening the immune system, raising endorphin levels and reducing the risk of cancer. Don’t forget to use sunscreen and come to enjoy the best beaches on the Costa del Sol!

Improves your immune system:

And not just for vitamin D! Iodine is diluted in the sea breeze, and is a natural bactericide that helps eliminate infections, especially those related to the respiratory and ocular system. In addition, people living by the sea benefit of having fewer levels of thyroid-related hormonal irregularities thanks to iodine.

Helps relieve stress:

It has been scientifically proven that stress has less effect on people living by the sea – and not just because of the more relaxed and calmer lifestyle in coastal areas! According to research, the sea breeze contributes to raise serotonin levels which causes anxiety to decrease.

What are you waiting for to buy a house next to the beach in Marbella? Do it for your health!

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