Are you looking to buy a house? 7 tricks to live in a small apartment.

If you choose to buy a cozy apartment or a modern studio, this tricks and tips are made for you. Smaller houses can be a challenge, but with some advice you could make the most of each corner. Follow this 7 tricks to live in a small apartment that feels big!

Dr House Tips:

  • There is one thing that suits your home (and indeed, every home in the world): order. If your space is very limited, you must sharpen your sense of organization and find ins and outs that can be very useful! Thirty or forty square meters can be more than enough to live!
  • Choose sliding doors and windows. In this way you can reduce the space they occupy when opening them, and they adapt very well to any space. You can also choose folding doors. You can find them in pvc or glazed (which give a very elegant touch to the rooms).
  • Eliminate barriers and unnecessary walls. Go for an open floor concept that can offer a sense of spaciousness. If you have a wall between the kitchen and the dining room, demolish it and connect them. You will find that you have more space and the room look bigger.
  • Go vertical. If you have a small bathroom, use the space available on the walls to place storage units: up to ceiling shelves or wardrobes over the sink. You will have much more space to move around!
  • If you hang your lamp of a rail system, you can move the light where it suits you best: over the dining table for an evening with friends or hang it over the sofa to read your favorite book. It will be very easy to take the light anywhere!
  • If your bedroom is also your living room, a sofa bed can be the best option for you: combine it with large cushions and you will have the best of the armchairs to watch your favorite movies and the best of the beds when you turn off the light.
  • Folding tables are the best solution for small dining rooms or for improvising corners in your home, you can have a dining room in a passage area!

I’m sure you can think of a few more. Do you live in a small apartment? What advice would you add to those who now have in mind to acquire one of them?

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