Three among the 50 best Spanish hospitals are located in Marbella

Of all the hospitals in Marbella, there are three that stand out for their services, facilities and customer care. 

IASIT is a professional added-value services organization that provides healthcare service suppliers, funding entities and the healthcare industry with useful relevant information about clinical and economical contents to increase their institutions efficiency, quality and customer service.

In their last survey, the organization placed three Marbella hospitals into their ranking for best Spanish hospitals, as far as quality, efficiency, organization and operation are concerned.

These three TOP hospitals are: USP Marbella Hospital (private), Costa del Sol Hospital (public) and Hospiten Estepona (private). All three are equipped with the latest technology, modern facilities, ER units and supply Home Care. One key point is that these hospitals are used to deal with foreign patients, offering translation services and multi languages speaking professionals among their personnel.

These hospitals are also compatible with all kinds of heath insurance coverage, aiming thus to help all patients have their treatment without long waiting lists.

For more information about these hospitals please take a look at the following:

  • Quiron Hospital

Avda. Severo Ochoa, 22, 29603 Marbella. Tel: +34 952 774 200,

-Costa del Sol Hospital

Autovía A-7 Km 187, 29603, Marbella. Tel: +34 951 976 669 ó +34 951 976 670

-Hospiten Estepona

Partido de Velerín, Ctra. Nacional 340, Km 162, 26980, Estepona. Tel: +34 952 760 600

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