Planing to sell your house? Check this 5 tips for selling it faster!

If you are planning to sell your house, you want it to be sold as fast as possible, but always at the right price. A powerful tool for achieving this is the Home Staging: improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming attractive product that anyone might want.

The image your property shows is one of the most important things that appeals to the customers when they are choosing a property.

From Andalucia Realty we advice our customers to follow these simple steps from Kara Vallenari, owner of the Prime Home Staging, to improve the look of their properties.

  • Stage before you list. 

“Staging costs less than your first price reduction,” Vallenari says. “Put your best foot forward and stage before you list. Don’t have buyers flipping over your home and then decide to stage later.”

Tip: Declutter. “People don’t realize how cluttered they are until someone points it out”

  • You don’t have to stage your entire home.

You can pick rooms [to stage] , no need to do it all over the house if it is not in need. Mostly stage the main areas as living room, kitchen and master bedroom. If your house has a garden keep it always clean and pruned.

Tip: Remove any personal family pictures as buyers feel like they are walking into someone else’s life, and you want buyers to only envision themselves there.

  • Find a stager who can appeal to the majority and not just their style tastes.

“Find an impartial professional, who knows how quickly the home sells once it has been staged and can advice you with the process”.

Tip: Bring in florals. “A major part of our design process is bringing in light and bright colors” Vallenari says. “Florals make a home feel alive.”

  • Simple updates are worth the time.

New light fixtures and faucets in the kitchen and the bathrooms are lower cost renovations to do and it makes a huge bang for their buck, Sometimes, people will love a home because of a faucet; – we’ve had that happen.-

Tip: Don’t over-stage. If you over-stage a home and don’t leave room for a buyer to let their imagination roam, it shuts down the creativity and the excitement of the buyer.

  • Welcome talented photographers to capture the best of the home

If you are selling your property with us, you don’t need to worry, our professional photographer will help you in this matter.



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