Marbella, It is the favorite city for Chinese luxury Tourism

Spain really like in China, Chinese citizens like shopping in the luxury shops located in the Spanish lands.
The five favorite cities for Chinese luxury customer in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Marbella, Ibiza and Mallorca. Your shopping list composes mainly bags and shoes among the highlights, as seven out of ten Chinese consumers intend to purchase any of these accessories. Fashion is another star purchase, as items and exclusive beauty treatments. Another important characteristic of the report prepared Nielsen (Luxury: The New Silk Road) is that more than half of these buyers plan to return to China with watches and jewelry level.

These figures confirm the importance of the Chinese tourism market in Spain and more specifically in the type of luxury tourism.

As for the Chinese tourism activities carried out more, shopping is the favorite activity, ahead of other more traditional durantes holidays such as visits turísiticas any museums or monuments.

With regard to spending by tourists from the Asian giant, it has increased by 17% last year, and has detected a change in the way you travel, as more and more independent from previous years, which moved more in a group.

Finally, the Nielsen report highlights the huge revenue potential of these consumers, since we are talking about the luxury market in Spain, moves annually 5,400 million euros, with a growth rate of 7%.

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