How to make money buying a holiday home in Marbella

Have you ever thought that making money by buying a holiday home in Marbella could be possible? Having a second house is a dream for many people, but expenses and maintenance could make them to turn down the idea. Nevertheless, a second property can become a source of new incomes.

Buying a holiday home in Costa del Sol can seem like a very expensive idea at first. A second home, when not in use, could become a headache: maintenance and community expenses, taxes… These expenses can potentially turn the dream of having a second home into a nightmare of bills and invoices.

However, if you are not going to use the property full time, a good idea could be to rent out the property. Not only can this help with the expenses, but often become a source of extra income.

Renting out holiday accommodations during peak season is generally easy in any beach area of Spain. However, many struggles to rent out their properties at less popular times of the year.

The area of Marbella, thanks to its infrastructure and fame, is very popular all year-round. Short time rentals are always wanted! From golf lovers, to families wanting to enjoy the warm weather of the Mediterranean in winter time, the Costa del Sol is a profitable area for buying-to-let at any time.

For example: you can find a good apartment for sale in Marbella with 2-bedrooms and quality finishings from 250.000€. Meanwhile the monthly rent is around 1200€ per month. This quantity is doubled (or even more) on short time rentals and high season periods. Therefore, home owners can loosely cover all the maintenance expenses and even get some profit while enjoying their holiday property.

With the rise of holiday and short-term letting websites, it’s easier than ever to make your holiday house work for you. or can help you with the task of renting out your property.


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