Is the energy certificate compulsory in Spain?

One of the most common doubts owners ask themselves when selling their home is to know if the Energy Certificate is compulsory or not, as well as how to get it. Since 2013 it is mandatory to have this certificate to rent or sell a property in Spain. You want to know more? Keep reading!

The new directive of the European Union says that new buildings should have a zero-energy consumption by December 2020. However, since 2007 it is required that any new building must have a valid energy certificate. This label gives the property a rating based on carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and its energy consumption. The ratings go from “A” to “G”. The first letters are for the most efficient homes and the last ones for high energy consumption properties.

I don’t have a brand new home, do I need the energy certificate?

With the law of June 1st, 2013 of Royal Decree 235/2013, it also happened to require that the owners who want to sell or rent their homes must be in possession of the certificate of energy efficiency. If it is not complied they can be fined with quantities that vary from 300€ to 6.000€. Those who have previously signed a rental contract or those who renew it to the same tenant are exempt.

Beyond these cases, there are some types of buildings that do not need to be certified as: buildings and monuments protected by their architectural or historical value; objects that are used as places of worship and for religious activities; or provisional buildings with a term of use equal to or less than two years.

Does the energy certificate expire? When should it be renewed?

According to the Royal Decree for the Certification of Energy Efficiency, it is indicated that an energy certificate is valid for ten years. After this period, it will be necessary to renew it to rent or sell a home.

I want to sell my house, how do I get an energy certificate? How much Will it cost?

Energy certificates must be issued by a certified professional. These technicians must be in possession of the academic and professional qualification that confers the authorization to certify the document. Among these professionals are architects, technical architects, and engineers.

The price of an energy certificate varies according to the competition and the property features. There is not a set price. For example, for a two-bedroom apartment with approximately 100m2, it could be between 80€ and 150€. These prices are based on the squares meters and features of the property, being less expensive for the apartments and rising as the home gets larger.

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