Tips for how to sell your house fast: # Step1. Overcome your fears

The activity of the real estate sector is growing more and more in Spain. That is why every day there are more buyers and homes for sale. Do you want to learn some tips for how to sell your house faster? In this post we tell you the main fears that you will have to avoid when selling your home.

  • Sell at a very low price:

It is usually thought that the lower the price is, the faster you will sell your home. However, this is not the ideal option for most sellers who try to get the maximum amount for their home.

Sellers are afraid to sell at a lower price than the “market price”, so fixing the price at which a house is going to be sold is a task of major importance.

For this, as explained by Moisés Ruíz, Manager of AGORA MLS “the real estate professionals know that when a sale happens quickly it is because the price is right and there are numerous buyers interested in paying that amount for buying the house”.

To set the price it is advisable to carry out a market study of the area and evaluate the state of the house in comparison with the rest of the houses for sale in the area. You must be very strict and impartial in this process, so the help of a professional is highly recommended in this phase.

  • How will the market react?

One of the greatest fears of the owners comes when the house is released to the market. The uncertainty lies in how the demand will respond to that particular offer.

This concern is accentuated considerably by sellers who need the money, either to buy another house or because they need to pay off their debt to the bank. That is why it is very helpful to know in advance both the price that we can obtain for the house and the conditions under which it can be sold.

The most common questions asked by sellers are the following:

What happens if, after advertising the home, nobody asks for it? And what if the characteristics of the property are not valued? What if the reforms and improvements that have cost so much are not considered?

These doubts will be resolved once the first potential customers start arriving. With their reactions you can make an adjustment of the price and get a feedback in line with the current demand of the market.

In case that no requests are received, the seller should consider modifying the price or be advised by a real estate professional to evaluate the situation and possible causes and solutions.

  • The buyer does not move forward

Once an owner receives an offer and accepts it, the purchase process begins. However, in some cases, problems that paralyze the sale of that home arise: as the buyer has lost his job, problems with the bank, obstacles to get financing, etc.

If the sellers are prepared to move forward with their initial plan, such as moving to another home, the fact that the other side paralyzes the operation generates great stress to the owner of the property.

From Andalucia Realty, we make sure that the buyer customers have guarantees when deciding to make the purchase. In addition to the “signal” or “reservation deposit” the buyer must sign a binding offer, which stipulates the conditions to carry out the purchase.

  • Problems in housing inspection

In each visit that a buyer makes to a property that is for sale can find flaws in the property, which not even the owner had previously recognized.

For this reason, it is important to have all the papers in order and not to ignore the Energy Efficiency Certificate as it is compulsory for selling or renting a property.

  • Many visits but little or no offers

It is common for an owner to have to show his house on numerous occasions before signing the sale of a property. This is something that stresses the seller considerably. Although the housing has been prepared for the visits and the price is adequate, it can happen that the competition of a similar house in the area diminish the interest.

Advertising a property can be done by anyone but selling well is another matter. The owner must have the advice of a real estate professional that will help reduce the stress involved in the sale of a property.

Selling a home on your own can be difficult and expensive. For that reason, real estate professionals help to be sure of the decisions that are made in the buying and selling process. If you want free professional advice to sell your home, contact us. We have more than 20 years of experience in selling homes on the Costa del Sol.

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