If you are feeling cold at home, we recommend you take a look at the following heating systems.

As the cold season approaches the fight to keep your home warm begins. Although it is something we are used to dealing with, each year we look for solutions to heat our homes.

One of the most common measures against cold is to install a heating system. This is why we want to inform you about the most suitable one for your home. Solutions vary depending on the characteristics of your property such as location, insulation, type of materials used and distribution. We take all of these factors into consideration and much more when recommending the right system.

Heating systems can be identified according to two factors: the fuel source and the way heat is obtained.

Below you will find the description of all common heating systems suitable for any home.


Electric storage heating
Electric storage heating – Andalucia Realty

Electric storage heating

It is one of the most used systems in Spain due to its easy installation, maintenance and safety. Electricity is converted into heat through the electrical resistance inside the heater.

There are various systems and models easily adapted to all needs, with no need of regular maintenance, apart from changing the filters regularly.

This heating system is recommended for areas with mild climates, when low energy potency is contracted, for vacation homes due to short term use or for small properties, easily heated.


Thermoelectric systems
Thermoelectric systems – Andalucia Realty

This type of heating uses oil radiators in which heat is generated by an electric resistance and transferred through warm oil.

It is easy to install, as it does not require any remodeling or pipe network, as it necessitates only a thermostat and a programmer. The great advantage is that once it is turned off, it continues give out heat. Its only inconvenience is that it requires more electricity when it is on.


Gas heating
Gas heating – Andalucia Realty

Gas heating

It is one of the most common systems in homes, as it generates less pollution. It can run with three different fuels: natural gas, fuel oil and propane gas, all three requiring a radiator.

Natural gas is the most recommended as it does not require a storage tank. However the location should be inside and attached to the supply network. Fuel oil is a bit more dangerous as it requires a storage tank and is more polluting but it is also more efficient when heating up larger spaces. Propane gas is the most used, being perfect for big properties in areas that are not supplied by the natural gas network, and its consumption can be better controlled as it is sold in gas tanks. Drawbacks are the need of going to buy a new tank once the old is finished and that it is not as safe as natural gas.


Electric convector heating
Electric convector heating – Andalucia Realty

Electric convector heating

This heating system operates through a resistor that heats up the air circulating inside the convectors. It is ideal for mild climate areas. Its installation is very easy and only requires an electricity supply. The only inconvenience is that is has a higher energy consumption.


Water boiler with radiators
Water boiler with radiators – Andalucia Realty

Water boiler with radiators

It is certainly the most used heating system in Spain. It works by burning fuels (such as natural gas) in a centralised boiler that distributes heat to the radiators through the generated hot water. It is a very common system in buildings because of the economic aspect. The boiler can be private or a common boiler for all neighbours.

Heat pump
Heat pump – Andalucia Realty


Heat pump

This devise is also known as an air conditioning system. It provides heat in the winter and cold during the hottest months. There are millions of different systems depending on various brands that make its installation easy. It is not very expensive but the noise generated by its fan can be bothering and the ducks and pump installation cost can be high.

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