Buying a property on the Costa del Sol after brexit

There are more Britons buying homes in Spain after Brexit. The question of renting or buying a property on the Costa del Sol Spain is a difficult one to make. This is the case as most British expats consider their retirement in Spain. Millions of British expats have moved to receive their pension payout in other countries. Spain leads the list with most of the Britons concentrated along the coast.

Buying a house on the Costa del Sol after Brexit

This is a great move for British expats as it gives them an upper hand when applying for a retirement visa. It is not an easy decision to make but one that might prove beneficial in the long run. Britons remain the dominant buyers of new houses in Costa del Sol Spain.

Advantages Costa del Sol offers to British expats


The healthcare in Costa del Sol and the rest of Spain is of the highest quality. The state’s health in Spain decrees that all people no matter their nationality have the right to healthcare. This is important especially for most retirement-age people. There are ambulances and health care centers in Costa del Sol with a GP and a pediatrician. There is no healthcare concern for any person looking to buy a home and settle in Costa del Sol.

Favorable health insurance

There are several private health care insurance companies with favorable insurance policies. You can contact a local insurance broker to advise and recommend a proper health insurance cover to take. There are several options to consider making the region a great place to settle.

Great climate and diverse geography

You can be sure of enjoying the warm Costa del Sol climate as opposed to the cold UK climate. The region also features diverse geography running along the coast. They have a lot to see and do while living there. This is a great chance to enjoy the sun by the beach for most of the year. For example you can see a large selection of beach properties in the Costa del Sol

Average retirement costs

It is affordable to retire in Spain with the living standards a bit lower than what you find in the UK. Most retirees in Spain enjoy a low house tax rate. A comfortable retirement cost an average of $25,000 a year. Spain is a favorite for most retirees and buying a home there makes sense.

Property investment in Costa del Sol Spain is a great move especially when you plan to retire there. Getting a retirement visa becomes easier when you already have a property there. The climate is also good and government policies are favorable especially for retirees. Visit the link for more information on how to move to Spain.

VISA Requirements for retiring in Spain after Brexit

Post-Brexit, there is an increasing number of foreigners buying homes in Spain. It is a good move with Spain offering flexible VISA requirements. British citizens entering Spain must follow the same process as non-citizens of the European Union. Non-EU citizens are permitted to remain in Spain for 90 within 180 days without a visa.

However, if you’re looking to extend your stay, you will have to apply for a visa with conditions for the extension. For Britons looking to settle in Spain after retirement, you need to apply for a residence visa which can be a little difficult. However, for individuals looking to buy properties on the Costa del Sol, there are two major retirement visas to apply for. These are the Golden visa and non-lucrative visas. The new visa applications pay more attention to the applicant’s finances.

For individuals looking to buy properties on the Costa del Sol, there are two major retirement visas to apply for. The Golden visa and Non-Lucrative visas.

For example, applicants for the non-lucrative visas need a recurring income of over 33.000 pounds per couple. However, individuals seeking a Golden visa require less income but must have a capital asset of at least 500.000 euros. The non-lucrative visa is a great choice for British expats looking to settle in Spain. However, such persons should not work and receive income outside their pension and investments. You can also opt for a Schengen visa if you don’t plan on becoming a resident.