The Spanish economy recovers increasingly and construction is booming

The Spanish economy recovers increasingly and construction is booming

According to the Quarterly National Accounts published by the National Statistics Institute (INE), the gross domestic product (GDP) of Spain grew by 1% in the second quarter of 2015 compared to the first, which is seen as the highest rate since 2007, even before it began the process of recession.

Domestic consumption is the main growth engine of the economy of Spain today, although there are other sectors that have also led to domestic macroeconomic momentum as building houses, which went from being one of the biggest hit of the crisis be one of the most recovered.
With a rise of 5.8% as indicated by Gallery Statistics and a positive year, the construction sector has become one of the main links of the economy in Spain. This, undoubtedly, promotes growth because, as pointed out by the newspaper “El País” in its article Back construction, “there can be no stability without growth recovery in construction and housing market.”

Job creation in general has also accelerated, with an improvement of 2.9% in the last year and a total of 447,400 new jobs. Again, the field of construction is set as the second fastest growing sector jobs has experienced a year, with a total of 115,000 fewer unemployed.

These data indicate the good state in which it is the construction sector, which also binds to exemplary state of rental accommodation in Spain.

Source: EuropaPress