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Andalucia Realty is a leading real estate agency in Marbella that places at your disposal the knowledge and experience acquired over 20 years of working in the property market of Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis.

We are proud members of AIPP: Association of International Property Professionals, RAIC: Red de Asesores Inmobiliarios Qualificados y AEGI: Asociación Empresarial de Gestión Inmobiliaria and are also certified Real Estate Brokers of two major Spanish banks

We only list quality properties that are in good condition, offer good value for money and are free of legal problems. Additionnaly, we have access to most properties on the market through our extensive network of agents and we will thouroughly search them to make sure we find you the property that perfectly matches your requirements.

We will take good care of you throughout the entire process, from making your initial travel plans to viewing your property, through to completing the sale and beyond, making sure you are very well assisted at all times.

Our experienced, multi-lingual staff are at your complete disposal.

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Taxes of buying a property in Spain - What is ITP ?

Taxes of buying a property in Spain – What is ITP ?

When you first start looking to buy a property in Spain the term “ITP” might pop out. But, What is ITP?

Second hand properties are not charged with VAT (IVA in Spanish), however these resales come across with a tax called ITP “Impuesto sobre  Transmisiones Patrimoniales”, which is a transfer Tax set at autonomous community level.

As this tax is ceded to the autonomous regions it varies across the country, being around 6% in Communities such as Madrid or The Canaries Island and 10% in others as Catalonia or Valencia.

ITP applies to all real estate, with just a difference in ranges of prices in the garages. You will have to take this expense into consideration when looking at your budget, as this tax is not usually included in the price shown in the advertisings.

The following table shows the ITP rates for Andalucia:

The ITP tax is accumulative, meaning that the first 400.000€ are charged at 8%, and the rest that overpass that amount will be charged at the pertinent percentage. As an example, a property of 1.500.000€ will be charged as followed:

** The second section is the amount between 700.000 €- 400.000 € = 300.000 € charged at 9%

*** 1.500.000€ – 700.000€ = 800.000€ Charged at 10% as per the third section of the tax regulation.

This tax must be paid by the buyer within the next 30 days after the purchase of the property.

This tax is not “stamp duty” as we know it in the UK. There is a form of stamp duty in Spain called AJD (Actos Juridicos Documentados) on all notarization of documents. AJD is only payable on land and new property sales. The rate can be up to 1%.

From Andalucia Realty, we understand that the process of buying a new property and the taxes related to it might be confusing for first time buyers. Therefore we advise and help our clients before, during and after the purchase, and our team of experts will take care of guiding you through all the process.


Ten ways of creating a Home Office

Ten ways of creating a Home Office

When it comes to work, most of the people will complain about it. But what about if you create your own home office?, no more stress going late, hours in traffic, or finding parking.

If you feel like you don’t have the space at home, in this post, we present you 10 solving ways to create your dream office in your own house.

Hallway station: hallways are most of the time, used just for the flow of people going and coming back from all over the house, but never took into consideration as a “room”. Take advantage of that wide corridor and create your own office.

Closet office: You will get surprised of how easily you can turn a wardrobe into a hiding office. Perfect if you have a messy desk that you don’t want to be seen: Close the closet door, and all tidy!



Hang a floating desk into one of your walls to create a work area in even the tiniest place. A suspended desk can be the solution to any space problem.

Attic office: if your attic is full of old toys, useless tools you don’t even remember how they work, this is your time to renovate it and create an open airy office.

On the other hand, if you prefer to be apart from noise and in a relaxed area, Why not moving the office to the basement? a quiet place to get things done quickly and effective.

The terrace can become your dream office: nice views, open and sunny. Have some flowers around to complete the look.

The Livingroom is always a good choice when it comes to spaciousness, an auxiliary table or even a shelf can be a perfect office, even more you can connect your laptop to the main TV and even work from the sofa!

A cozy Kitchen desk can become a multitask area, also great as an office and organization station. You will have the coffee closer than ever!

Utilize the maximum of your space, if your home has two levels create an under stairs home office, no high budget required!

If none of these solutions meets your requirements, why don’t you have a moving desk, you can work in the living room, the kitchen, the corridor or even in the bath. You choose!

And if you still need more space and are planning to buy a new home with larger space, we have a selection of properties just for you!, Working towards the sea or next to the golf is always better.

Starlite Marbella: more than a festival.

Starlite Marbella: more than a festival.

“Starlite is music, spectacle, experience and sensations; is a meeting of national and international artists; a meeting point between friends and celebrities of the cultural world, leisure, sport, celebrities and opinion leaders; is nature in its pure state, is philanthropy; but overall is exclusivity and entertainment, high gastronomy and premieres, is luxury and closeness…Starlite is more than a festival, and in 2017 presents its very special 6th edition in Marbella”

Going to starlite is not just going to a concert, is living a complete experience full of tastes, colours and of course, music.

The idea started six years ago, when Sara García and her Husband Ignacio Maluquer discovered the Quarry of Nagüeles. They transformed this natural amphitatre into an incredible scenario with music and food surrounded by the nature and with the sky as a roof.

This festival can be enjoyed during the summer season. 45 days full of concerts, galas and parties, with international renowned artists coming from all over the globe.

Sara and Ignacio’s idea is also concerned about the less favorated people, that is why a gala is held to raise funds for several organization such as “Niños de la Alegria” and “Lágrimas y favores”.

Without a doubt, Starlite is more than a festival, is a different way to live the culture and the entertainment.



Bringing your pet to Spain - Birds, rabbits and other animals

Bringing your pet to Spain – Birds, rabbits and other animals

Not all domestic animals are dogs or cats and when it comes to travelling, different considerations must be taken.

Prior travelling with your pet, you should verify it is not protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Birds, tropical fish, reptiles, or rodents or rabbits must have a health certificate to enter Spain . Depending on the specie the requirements will be different. You must inform yourself about specific requirements for your pet in the Spanish Consulate abroad or in the government wepage.

Once all permits and documents necessaries are fulfilled, you should seek for the best way of transportation.

If you are planning to come to Spain by plane, be aware of the airline rules.  You can take your pet on flights of less than ten hours, however most of airlines will normally insists in a special type of container and may have extra charges. Check the International Air Transport  Association (IATA) Webpage before your departure.

You should compare other transport options apart from airplane such as Pet Shippers companies.


Planing to sell your house? Check this Five useful tips for selling it faster!

Planing to sell your house? Check this Five useful tips for selling it faster!

If you are planning to sell your house, you want it to be sold as fast as possible, but always at the right price. A powerful tool for achieving this is the Home Staging: improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming attractive product that anyone might want.

The image your property shows is one of the most important things that appeals to the customers when they are choosing a property.

From Andalucia Realty we advice our customers to follow these simple steps from Kara Vallenari, owner of the Prime Home Staging, to improve the look of their properties.

  • Stage before you list. 

“Staging costs less than your first price reduction,” Vallenari says. “Put your best foot forward and stage before you list. Don’t have buyers flipping over your home and then decide to stage later.”

Tip: Declutter. “People don’t realize how cluttered they are until someone points it out”

  • You don’t have to stage your entire home.

You can pick rooms [to stage] , no need to do it all over the house if it is not in need. Mostly stage the main areas as living room, kitchen and master bedroom. If your house has a garden keep it always clean and pruned.

Tip: Remove any personal family pictures as buyers feel like they are walking into someone else’s life, and you want buyers to only envision themselves there.

  • Find a stager who can appeal to the majority and not just their style tastes.

“Find an impartial professional, who knows how quickly the home sells once it has been staged and can advice you with the process”.

Tip: Bring in florals. “A major part of our design process is bringing in light and bright colors” Vallenari says. “Florals make a home feel alive.”

  • Simple updates are worth the time.

New light fixtures and faucets in the kitchen and the bathrooms are lower cost renovations to do and it makes a huge bang for their buck, Sometimes, people will love a home because of a faucet; – we’ve had that happen.-

Tip: Don’t over-stage. If you over-stage a home and don’t leave room for a buyer to let their imagination roam, it shuts down the creativity and the excitement of the buyer.

  • Welcome talented photographers to capture the best of the home

If you are selling your property with us, you don’t need to worry, our professional photographer will help you in this matter.





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