Marbella, the city beloved by all

Marbella, the city beloved by all

Marbella is a city for families to enjoy their leisure and activities is very wide and has a perfect climate.

For both children and the elderly, Marbella has plenty of options to enjoy incredible and unforgettable moments.

If you want to spend your vacation as complete and enjoyable, Marbella is the perfect destination because it has everything you need to you can rest while it passes great.

In case you are looking for a place to live with your family and have all the guarantees that the city is made to meet your needs, you just have to check yourself, because in a couple of days in Marbella you can tell the place is heavenly and already many families enjoy.

From Andalucia Realty we invite you to check yourself bliss that Marbella can bring both you and your whole family. So do not waste time, here we list a number of alternatives for fun with family or friends

Theme Parks:

– Aventura Amazonia and Funny Beach.

Selwo Marina y Selwo Aventura.

Tivoli World.



Cinemas Cinesa.

Cinemas Teatro Goya.

Theaters and Museums.