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Andalucia Realty is a leading real estate agency in Marbella that places at your disposal the knowledge and experience acquired over 20 years of working in the property market of Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis.

We are proud members of AIPP: Association of International Property Professionals, RAIC: Red de Asesores Inmobiliarios Qualificados y AEGI: Asociación Empresarial de Gestión Inmobiliaria and are also certified Real Estate Brokers of two major Spanish banks

We only list quality properties that are in good condition, offer good value for money and are free of legal problems. Additionnaly, we have access to most properties on the market through our extensive network of agents and we will thouroughly search them to make sure we find you the property that perfectly matches your requirements.

We will take good care of you throughout the entire process, from making your initial travel plans to viewing your property, through to completing the sale and beyond, making sure you are very well assisted at all times.

Our experienced, multi-lingual staff are at your complete disposal.

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What documents do I need to sell my house? – The ultimate guide to sell your property in Spain.

What documents do I need to sell my house? – The ultimate guide to sell your property in Spain.

If you want to sell your home and you don’t know where to start, this is the post you need. We answer the main question that arises to all sellers: What documents do I need to sell my house?

Before starting the process, it is necessary to be clear about what information you will need. There are many people who decide to sell their home and do not know what information they should have available for potential visitors.

1.   Description of your home.

If you decide to hire a real estate agent to sell your home, he will be responsible for collecting the necessary data in his/her visit to your home.

However, it is convenient that you make a prior recognition yourself and have at hand some information related to:

Description of the apartment:

How would you describe your home objectively : How would you describe your home objectively, What qualities should potential buyers know that can not be seen on a first visit?: There are things that can only be perceived when you live in the house. Do you have quiet neighbors? Do you see the sunset?

Description of the neighborhood:

Is the house in an urbanization? Is it closed? Does it have security?

Do you have common areas? Are they open all year?

What are the rules of the neighborhood community? Are animals allowed?

 What is the area like and what services does it offer? Are there local restaurants or shops nearby? Is there public transport? How far is the nearest shopping center?

It is also recommended that you locate the book of the building as it may contain information of interest about the facilities.

The floor plans of the house:

Floor plans and the information about who is the president of the community or the administration in charge of it, is also information that should be at hand when starting the sale process. It will avoid possible delays at the time of signing the selling contract.

2.   Documentation

The real estate agent in charge of managing the sale of your home, will ask for the documentation you need at each moment of the process. This documentation will be related to:

Title of deed:

It is the document in which the current owner of the house appears. This document is registered in the Property Registry of the population of the property.


You must present an official document such as the DNI / NIE, to verify that you are the owner of the property.

Simple Registry Note:

This document certifies the name of the owner and the possible cargo such as mortgage or other conditions. If the bank is not owed anything, in the Nota simple of the property it should appear that the property is free of charges. Ths document must be less than 3 months old.

Local tax (IBI) and rubbish:

The last paid receipt of the IBI Tax must be presented. This is the tax that charges the fact of owning a property. Sometimes, the notary can request up to the last 5 receipts.

Certificate of being free of charges:

It will be necessary to request a certificate from the administrator of the community in where it is established that the owner of the property does not have any payment of community fees pending. This document must be duly signed by the Administrator-Secretary and the president of the community must give his approval.

Certificate of pending debt and Registration Cancellation:

This certificate will be necessary if the owner is still paying a mortgage for the selling house. It specifies the amount that is owed at the time of the transfer of the home.

Energy efficiency certificate:

Mandatory from June 1, 2013. This certificate indicates the degree of efficiency of a home on a scale from A to G. If this document is not available, we may be sanctioned with fines of between 300 and 6,000 euros.

First occupation license:

Guarantees that the property meets certain minimum levels so that the place can be inhabited. The certificate of habitability analyzes aspects of housing such as hygiene and the solidity of the structure of the passenger compartment.

Statutes of the Community of owners:

Although it is not always necessary, the buyer can ask to be given the statutes of the community where the rules of the owners are established.

3. Professional advice:

Facing the challenge of selling a home can become a chaotic process if we are unfamiliar with its procedure. In addition to knowing what information and documentation we must prepare to sell a home, it is also important to know where we should request each certificate, how much money it may cost, and above all, where we should ask for it .

Also when selling a home without the help of a specialized real estate agent, you should considerate certain aspects as: you should be able to answer the phone at almost any time (losing a call can mean the loss of the visit and sale), receiving people who haven’t been “filtered” before entering your home, have a brad schedule for the visits, etc…

If you want to know more about why choosing a real estate agency will avoid problems you can read more in the previous link. For all this, our main recommendation to sell your home, is to ask advice to real estate advisers in your area.

In addition to guiding you in the process, a professional real estate agent will help you set an appropriate price or improve the presence of your home to achieve greater profitability.

If you intend to sell a home on the Costa del Sol, from Andalucia Realty, we offer you our free advice services. Contact us!

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Author: César Villasante

Malaga Fair 2018: complete program, with shows and activities.

Malaga Fair 2018: complete program, with shows and activities.

The Fair of Malaga is the biggest event in Costa del Sol. Every year on August, the city adorns itself to assemble thousands of persons, attracted by the vibrant ambience, the charming of the people, and the great gastronomy and leisure options.

When is the Feria de Malaga this year?

The Malaga Fair in 2018 will start on the 11th of August and end on the night of the 19th. During this week-long street party, there are various activities including plenty of Flamenco music, dances, shows, and night attractions.

The opening of the fair will take place on the Malageta beach on the night of the 10th. And it will include a firework show and the concert of Efecto Mariposa.

At the bottom of this page you can download a complete program with the timetable and activities taking place during the Feria of Malaga. They are all free!

Where is the Malaga Fair celebrated?

The fair is divided in two options. The night fair, and the Day Fair.

The day fair:

It takes place in the city centre of Malaga, among all the historical streets of the old quarter. For this occasion, several scenarios, booths and facilities are installed all over the centre. There will be live music everyday in the most popular squares of Malaga such as: Plaza de la constitución, Plaza de la Merced, Mitjana, Las flores or San Pedro de alcantara.

The delicious typical dishes of Malaga can be tasted at any time in booths and restaurants: Gazpacho, salmorejo, cured ham, “montaditos”, paella…. ¡Not to forget the Fritura Malagueña! The Fritura is the most popular dish of the Costa del Sol, consisting of a variety of typical fish from the Mediterranean (such as small sharks, prawns, rosada, or little squids) floured and fried.

If you are a wine lover, delight yourself with a taste of the Malaga Dulce, Moscatel, Cartojal, or unique wines from the Serrania de Ronda. Sangria is also very famous during this days.

The night fair:

Situated at Cortijo de Torres, the night fair has many activities for the whole family. Rollercoasters, big wheels, carousels, bumper cars…. The youngest of the house can enjoy the numerous fair attractions available for all ages.

Food and music is also available during the night fair, having some fast foods and churros y tortitas stalls besides the traditional food served in the booths. There are free concerts and shows every night in the large public booths of the fair. Each booth is dedicated to a different type of spectacle: Concerts, Flamenco, shows for Kids and Equestrian shows. ¡For free!

Things to do on the Costa del Sol in August – Fairs, Street markets, music festivals and more!

Things to do on the Costa del Sol in August – Fairs, Street markets, music festivals and more!

Tired of sunbathing and playing golf?, Doesn’t matter if you are living in the Costa del Sol or just spending your holidays here, in Andalucia realty we tell you all the upcoming events in august in Málaga, Marbella, Estepona, Fuengirola, Mijas or Benahavis. Activities for all the family! If you are wondering what to do in Costa del Sol in August 2018, this is your place.

You can download the calendar with all the events in Costa del Sol on the bottom of this page.


The famous fair of Málaga, the biggest popular event in the city, has thousand of visitors each year. The vibrant environment, delicious food and local drinks combine to create the perfect spot to visit if you are staying in Malaga in august. You can visit it from the 11th of august until 19th in the city center (day fair) and in El Cortijo de Torres (night fair with attractions). Come and taste the typical sweet wine or let yourself be driven by the Spanish music. Feel the “fiesta”.


Among all the things to do in Marbella in August we will highly recommend to pay a visit to the Starlite festival, considered as the best boutique festival in Europe.

If you are a music fan, then don’t miss some events as Kool & the Gang in Puente Romano on the 19th or enjoy a delicious meal in Teatro Marbella while participating in a “Dinner show”. A spectacle you can’t miss!

For culture lovers, the Book fair of Marbella offers the possibility of buying almost any title published. It takes place in La Alameda during the month of August.


Food lovers can find their place in the “Food truck Festival” from the 1st of August until the 5th. Serving the most amazing national and international dishes from all around Spain. Come along with friends and family for the food party and enjoy all kinds of tasty goodies with free access. Located in the parking of Teatro Auditorio Felipe VI, Estepona

Armin Van Buuren, Bad Bunny, or Dj Nano are some of the international artist coming to the Los Alamos Beach Festival 2018. This year, the music festival will be moved to the fair ground of Estepona. From the 1st of august until the 5th, all Electronic & Techno music fans are called to go!


As most of villages in the south of Spain, Benahavis also has its Fair. As a renowned town for its gastronomy, in this feria, the food is the main protagonist of the event: Boquerones, chorizo, paella or a selection of meats are served. The festivities include flamenco music and shows everynight. You can enjoy this event from the 11th until the 15th of August.

Prices rise 4% on resale properties in Malaga in second quarter 2018 sales

Prices rise 4% on resale properties in Malaga in second quarter 2018 sales

Malaga is one of the five provinces in Spain with the biggest price change of Second Hand properties on the second quarter of 2018. The major touristic provinces of Spain are the ones suffering this increase the most. In Alicante or Madrid home resales have raised their prices in almost 10%, and in Malaga more than 4%.

More than 15 autonomous communities in Spain have increased their house prices, settling a 6.6% of inter-annual growth at a National level. The most affected areas are Madrid, Málaga or Barcelona mainly for their tourism, investment and holiday demand that surpass the Spanish average.

For the past two years, prices have been raising and the Spanish real estate market has recovered its activity. This is mainly caused for the improvement of the economic situation globally and namely in the European Union, and the current low rates in mortgages and loans.

As more and more sales are carried out each day, the offer of second hand homes (and brand-new residences) is diminishing, while the demand stays steady and even increasing. In consequence prices are going high and less options to buy are available.

As one of the best real estate companies in Marbella and Costa del Sol, Andalucia Realty has access to all data of the market. Therefore, we can advise our clients that this trend is likely to continue and buying a house in Marbella or Costa del Sol in the coming years is going to be more expensive. The time to buy is now!

Costa del Sol may be the new home of Triple Five’s mega EuroVegas project

Costa del Sol may be the new home of Triple Five’s mega EuroVegas project

The Canadian company Triple Five is looking for a new place to build their mega project similar to “Eurovegas”. They are considering the Costa del Sol as the location for the Integrated Resort with theme park, water park, malls, hotels and casinos.

Triple five is a multinational diversified conglomerate, development and finance corporation, developers of mega-complexes as West Edmonton Mall in Canada, Mall of America in the United States and American Dream in Metropolitan New York)

The company had previously proposed Extremadura as the prime location for this mega-complex, however it now appears that the isolation of the area is a major obstacle and they are looking to relocate the project in neighboring Andalusia.

Paul Watson, head of Triple Five in Europe said to the press a few days ago that they were searching for locations in Spain as well as investments opportunities in Europe. He even cited the biggest megamall of the US, American Dream Miami, as an example of the scale of investment the company is considering. (Aprox – 4 Billion dolars)

“The cost of American Dream Miami is approximately $4bn. I hope our level of investment in this sector in Spain can be similar,” he added.

He explains that the location of Extremadura is quite remote from the major cities and airports of Spain, therefore the group has move onto a different location.

Triple Five set sight on Costa del sol for the “Eurovegas Resort”

They are thinking about the Costa del Sol and Cadiz as new locations to build this enormous project. The costa del Sol has a well-established transport infrastructure, with Malaga Airport as the 4th busiest in Spain. The region already benefits from more than 12 million tourist a year.

The project in Andalucia might be different from the “Eurovegas” proposed in Extremadura, however it will include a casino resort, a theme park, water park, a shopping Center and a golf course.

As the market is booming, more and more companies and individuals are deciding to invest in the Costa del Sol. Its climate, infrastructure and services make it the best place to invest in the South of Spain.

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