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Moving to the Costa del Sol – Area Guide

Moving to the Costa del Sol – Area Guide

There are many good reasons why people choose to move to the Costa del Sol. It may be for work, retirement or to run your own online business. The sunny climate, stunning homes, beautiful beaches and championship golf courses are just some of the perks!

Since the mid-20th century, when package holidays put Andalucía on the map, ex-pats have been flocking to the area in growing numbers, so you’ll quickly settle in.

Once you’ve decided to make the move to Spain, you need to find the best area to suit your lifestyle. Here’s a quick overview of the four main areas in the Costa del Sol that expats move to.

San Pedro

Beachside restaurants and historic landmarks are the main features of San Pedro, an immaculate Spanish town less than a mile from Puerto Banus shops and luxury marina. San Pedro de Alcántara, to give it its full title, is in the shadow of La Concha Mountain. Green parks, traditional plazas and a central shopping area provide a host of local amenities, offering a pleasant lifestyle close to the beach and away from the bustle of larger cities.


Marbella is an exclusive upmarket city with a waterfront promenade and port. The traffic-free streets are lined with department stores, high-end boutiques, shops, tapas bars and restaurants. It’s a popular area for UK tourists and expats looking for a more upscale experience of Spanish life. With around 30km of gorgeous sandy beaches, several golf courses and many communities offering luxury apartments, villas and townhouses, expats will quickly settle in this beautiful coastal city. The Old Town is full of character with its cobbled streets, old buildings and independent shops and bars.


Perched in the mountains with superb Mediterranean views, Mijas has retained its community feel with traditional whitewashed properties and a Spanish culture. If you’re looking for all the comforts of the UK with the added benefits of an outdoor Spanish lifestyle, you’ll love this area. Along with bars and restaurants, Mijas has a number of golf clubs, gardens and museums. The Town Hall has a department specially for advising expats who are considering moving to Mijas and there is a wide choice of property available for sale. Mijas also has an international Montessori School for families looking to re-locate to the Costa del Sol.


Midway between Marbella and Gibraltar, Estepona has retained its authentic Spanish atmosphere while developing as a popular community for expats and holidaymakers. Surrounded by mountains and beautiful Blue Flag beaches, this Mediterranean community has a working fishing port lined with fish restaurants. As well as modest supermarkets and traditional markets, it has many restaurants for al fresco dining. The Old City is clustered around the 15th century San Luis Castle, with narrow streets, pretty homes and courtyard gardens overflowing with bougainvillea. Estepona also has several top golf clubs and an Exhibition and Conference Centre which hosts many events and business fairs.

If you need any further advice about moving to the Costa del Sol, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help!

How New Inheritance Tax Laws in Andalusia May Save You a Fortune

How New Inheritance Tax Laws in Andalusia May Save You a Fortune


Wealthy individuals are likely to flock to Andalusia in the future, following the new Inheritance and Gift Tax laws introduced from April 2019. The new laws intend to reduce or even suppress the amount of taxes due when inheriting or being gifted money. According to an article from the new law will help beneficiaries in Group I and II to avoid the previous heavy taxation:

Group I: Natural and adopted children under 21.

Group II: Natural and adopted children over 21, spouses, registered civil partnerships, parents, adoptive parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

Reduced Gift Tax in Andalusia

There are a few rules that apply, however. The recipient must be an EEA/EU resident and the new taxable base benefits can offer tax relief of up to 99%. The following table published by Idealista shows the exact benefits more clearly, with all numbers rounded off.

The second condition is that the recipient must have a Spanish lawyer draw up a Gift Deed witnessed by a Spanish Notary Public and submit a Gift Tax Return. Failure to follow the correct legal requirements could leave the recipient liable to steep taxes of up to 88%.

Reduced Inheritance Tax in Andalusia

Similar rules apply to take advantage of the new inheritance tax laws. The beneficiary must be an EEA/EU resident. The new rules apply as follows:

  • Pre-existing wealth nil-rate band raised to 1,000,000 euros (per inheritor).
  • Estates equal to or below 1,000,000 euros will go untaxed (per inheritor).
  • Estates over 1,000,000 euros will benefit from a 99% tax relief (per inheritor), meaning you only pay 1% on anything that exceeds the one million threshold.
  • This translates as follows:

Once again, to benefit from this generous new tax ruling, inheritors must contact a Spanish law firm to arrange the drafting of an Acceptance of Heirs deed, which must be witnessed by a Spanish Notary Public. They must also submit an Inheritance Tax Return, even if no tax is due.

Failure to follow the correct legal procedures could result in the tax benefit being negated and taxes of up to 88% being due.

This revolutionary new tax law means that in the foreseeable future many individuals will flock to the Costa del Sol, seeing it as a low-taxation area offering a means to preserve their wealth as it is passed down to future generations.


Best beaches for dogs in Marbella and surroundings:

Best beaches for dogs in Marbella and surroundings:

Marbella is internationally known for its beaches, but did you know that you can also enjoy them with your pet? If you are thinking of coming on holiday to the Costa del Sol with your dog, these are the best pet-friendly beaches in and around Marbella:

  • Dog Beach “el Pinillo”: Located a few minutes from the centre, and just a few metres from the Arco de Marbella. It is one of the best dog beaches in the area. It even has benches to enjoy a picnic on the beach! There is also parking nearby and a fantastic promenade with chiringuitos all around. Don’t miss it!
  • Dog Beach “Ventura del Mar”: Our dogs can also enjoy now Puerto Banús beaches. Located next to the Urb. The rodeo, this beach is a little rockier than the previous one. Even so, the furry ones of the house will enjoy running and refreshing themselves in the water.
  • Beach for Dogs “the Castle”: A few minutes walk from the castle of Sohail in Fuengirola. On this beach, in addition to enjoying the company of our dogs, we can do a bit of historical tourism and walk through the castle park, a fortress built more than 1000 years ago.
  • Beach for Dogs “Carvajal”: In the city of Benalmádena, pets also go on holiday. This beach also has showers for dogs, Therefore the sand is no longer an excuse!
  • Piedra Paloma Beach for dogs: Only 15 minutes from Estepona is this fantastic canine beach where not only pets will have fun. Charge your phone, you are going to take many photos!

If you’ve fallen in love with the coast and its beaches, don’t hesitate and take a look at our best beach properties in Marbella. What do you prefer? a townhouse with garden, or an apartment with a large terrace with views. All of them are ideal to live with your family and your pet!

IRPF reduction if you are renting your property in Spain.

IRPF reduction if you are renting your property in Spain.

If you have your own property in Spain or you want to buy one to rent it, find out here how to pay less on your annual tax return. According to the tax authorities, the reduction for renting in the Personal Income Tax Law is 60%. It is calculated on the positive net return obtained for renting a property.

In other words, according to José María Salcedo, Partner in Atico Legal, the net return is the result of deducting from the income obtained by the rent, all the expenses according to the Personal Income Tax Law, provided that they are related to the property (repair and maintenance costs, taxes such as IBI and rubbish, insurance, professional rental services, and even electricity and water if they are at the owner’s expense).

Can all landlords enjoy the reduction in income tax for rent?

The answer is no. Not all landlords have the right to apply the reduction. In order to benefit from this reduction, it is necessary that the rented property is used as the dwelling of the person renting (tenant). In other words, if the property is rented by a company, as an office or as a business, the landlord could not apply the reduction in their annual tax return.

In addition, it is necessary that the income obtained is taxed as income from the real estate capital and not as an economic activity. In order to consider it as an economic activity, there must be at least one person employed under a full-time employment contract.

So, is it profitable to buy for rent in Spain?

Definitely yes! The rental housing market is constantly booming, with prices increasing every year and rates of return close to 10% for holiday rentals. In addition, the access to the finance to buy a home is quite easy and inexpensive, with fixed rate mortgages below 3% .

So, if you want to buy a property to rent in Spain, in addition to knowing that it is a profitable business, you also know that you can enjoy a 60% reduction in your income tax. What are you waiting for? Take a look here at our most profitable beach properties to rent.


What are the costs of buying a home in andalusia in 2019?

What are the costs of buying a home in andalusia in 2019?

If you want to buy a house in Andalucia, but you are not sure what expenses this purchase can entail, this post is for you!

The price of a home is not the only factor to consider when buying a home. Thanks to the new Spanish mortgage law of 2019, the costs for the buyer have been reduced, but all the factors involved must still be considered.

If you do not apply for a mortgage when you buy your home, the expenses that you will have to assume as a buyer are the following:

  • The notary’s office: It is usually between 500€ and 1000€. Buyers can choose the notary. Their fees are regulated by the state, so they will not vary from one to another.
  • The registration of the property: The cost of the inscription of the property in the registry usually varies between 100€ and 500€.
  • The ITP or VAT: These are two different taxes that you will pay depending on the type of property you are buying:
    • If you are buying a newly built property, you will have to pay VAT on that property. In Spain this value is fixed at 10% with a reduced rate of 4% for social housing.
    • If you are buying a second hand property, you will have to face the ITP, which in Andalucia is fixed in a staggered way, between 8% and 10% depending on the house price. There is also a reduced rate of 3.5% for those residents under 35 years old buying their main residence for a price equal or lower than €130,000.

If you apply for a mortgage, thanks to the New Mortgage Law of 2019, the expenses that the buyer must pay when acquiring his or her new home will not be increased in large amounts:

  • Appraisal: only necessary if you apply for a mortgage. Sometimes banks assume this cost if the Mortgage loan is finally carried out with them. It is usually between 200€ and 600€.
  • Copies of the deed: They are around 20€, a very small cost compared to the costs previously assumed by the buyer (stamp duty, notary, and mortgage registration as well).

If you would like to find out more about the costs you will have to pay when buying a property in Andalucia, you can check previous information here

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