How to get the NIE or the Spanish Foreigner Identification Number – For EU citizens

How to get the NIE or the Spanish Foreigner Identification Number - For EU citizens

If you are seeking to buy a property in Spain or you want to remain within the Spanish territory for more than 3 month you have probably wonder How to get the NIE.  This document is the Document issued by the Spanish Government to acknowledge foreigners staying within their borders for more than three months. This number is only for EU citizens and is essential for almost every transaction as ...

How to open a bank account in Spain for UE citizens

If you are planning to live in Spain, receiving and making payments, namely buying a property in Spain, will be easier if you open a Bank account. If you don’t know how to open a Bank account in Spain, this article will guide you through it. There are two different types of bank accounts: Resident and Non-Resident accounts. People who live less than 183 days (Six months) in Spain are ...

IVA (VAT) and ITP in Spain: When do I have to pay it?

It does not matter if you have just started looking for your ideal home or if you have been already searching for a while; most surely the terms “ITP or IVA” had pop out while looking to Property portals or real estate agencies , but what is IVA and what is ITP? And in which case applies each one? Buying a property in Spain has different costs and expenses depending on which type of ...

How to choose the perfect Holiday Home for you? | Andalucia Realty

We have gathered the main concerns of our clients to create this useful guide to help you choose the perfect holiday home and buy a property that fulfill all your needs. 1- Location: It might be very obvious, but location is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a property. Think what is the most important thing for you about the location: Close to the golf?, close to ...

Marbella Coast, considered the best for sailing enthusiasts and luxury yachts

The presence of many luxury marinas on the Costa del Sol, is the reason why more and more increasing number of pleasure boats and yachts moored in marinas of Marbella. Not surprisingly calm and crystal clear sea and the excellent beaches of Marbella seduce more and more boat lovers, because of that, Malaga province has surpassed Cadiz number of newly registered recreational boats, also ...

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