Why is a Licence of First Occupation Needed in Spain? | Andalucia Realty

Why is a Licence of First Occupation Needed in Spain? | Andalucia Realty

The Licence of First Occupation (LFO) is important for purchasing a property in spain for two reasons: Its granting means the developer has built the dwelling complying fully with the original Town Hall’s Building Licence (BL) as well as complying with all Planning laws. The inspection to grant this Licence is carried out by Town Hall’s chartered technicians who certify that the ...

Documents needed before buying a property

Together with the Association of Spanish Property and Commercial Registrars, the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing has drawn up a brief, simple guide outlining the different steps and recommendations that a private purchaser should follow when buying a house in Spain. It aims to help private purchasers make informed decisions. Within the Spanish legal system there are a series of ...

Taxes of buying a property in Spain - What is ITP ?

When you first start looking to buy a property in Spain the term “ITP” might pop out. But, What is ITP? Second hand properties are not charged with VAT (IVA in Spanish), however these resales come across with a tax called ITP “Impuesto sobre  Transmisiones Patrimoniales”, which is a transfer Tax set at autonomous community level. As this tax is ceded to the autonomous regions it ...

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