IRPF reduction if you are renting your property in Spain.

IRPF reduction if you are renting your property in Spain.

If you have your own property in Spain or you want to buy one to rent it, find out here how to pay less on your annual tax return. According to the tax authorities, the reduction for renting in the Personal Income Tax Law is 60%. It is calculated on the positive net return obtained for renting a property. In other words, according to José María Salcedo, Partner in Atico Legal, the net return ...

What are the costs of buying a home in andalusia in 2019?

If you want to buy a house in Andalucia, but you are not sure what expenses this purchase can entail, this post is for you! The price of a home is not the only factor to consider when buying a home. Thanks to the new Spanish mortgage law of 2019, the costs for the buyer have been reduced, but all the factors involved must still be considered. If you do not apply for a mortgage when you buy ...

New Spanish Mortgage Law, How does it affect you?

If you're hearing about the changes made by the Spanish government regarding mortgage loans and don't know if they'll affect you too, this is your article! Whether you already have a mortgage or are applying for a new one, this information is for you! If you already have a mortgage... Are you affected by the new mortgage law? There are only two items that are retroactive: If you want to ...

Taxes of selling a property: What is the Plusvalia tax in Spain?

If you are planning on Selling your property in Marbella or anywhere in Spain, you will have to assume a series of expenses and certain taxes. One of the taxes that charges the selling of a property in Spain is the Plusvalía. But what is it? There are thousands of articles about how much will the buyer pay for the purchase of a property in Spain (aprox. 10% of the property price). However, it ...

What tax do you pay if you sell a property in Spain?

If you are tax based in Spain, the profit obtained by the sale of a property constitutes an income subject to the payment of the Capital Gain Tax (IRPF in Spanish). This increase in an individual's wealth can be taxed up to 23%, or in certain cases even be exempt. But how does the tax office calculate the profit obtained when selling a property in Spain? How much is paid to the tax office for the ...

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