The Role of the Notary in Spain

If you are Spanish, you are familiar with the prestigious position of the notary and what that person’s job is. However, if you are from another country and buying property in Spain, such as the luxury villas in Marbella, you might not know the role of a notary. The Spanish notary’s job is more extensive […]

Private Contracts when buying a property in Spain

After doing all the checks required of you, and your solicitor has given you the all clear sign, you can commit to making the purchase by signing a private contract and paying a deposit. Below is an explanation of why this is the most common way to proceed as much as it’s not the only […]

Guide for buying a Resale Property in Spain

When purchasing property in Spain, being organized is the key. Below is an overview of the steps involved in buying a resale property in Spain. Buying a property is one of the most important decisions you will make. No matter if you are considering buying a luxury villa in Marbella, or an small apartment as […]

Buying a property on the Costa del Sol after Brexit

There are more Britons buying homes in Spain after Brexit. The question of renting or buying a property on the Costa del Sol Spain is a difficult one to make. This is the case as most British expats consider their retirement in Spain. Millions of British expats have moved to receive their pension payout in […]

Retire to Spain – Financial Tips

If you are planning to retire to Spain, you need to think about planning your finances well ahead of time. Pensions, savings, estate planning and investment may all be affected by your move to Spain especially in terms of currency exchange. We have some tips for things to be aware of and where to find […]

Spanish Citizenship and Permanent Residency: What You Need to Know

Having a holiday home in Spain is easy, but if you want to live there permanently you need to apply for permanent residence or Spanish citizenship. Here’s a quick overview of what this guide covers: When to apply for Spanish citizenship Permanent residency or Spanish citizenship – which is best? Brexit – does it change […]

What could happen if you don’t declare your holiday rental incomes?

If you are thinking of not declaring your holiday rental incomes, you should read this article first! As the profit for renting a property in the Costa del Sol has increase, Hacienda has also decided to impose stricter controls on holiday rentals. As a matter of fact, every landlord renting out a property in Spain […]

How New Tax Laws in Andalusia May Save You a Fortune

Wealthy individuals are likely to flock to Andalusia in the future, following the new Inheritance and Gift Tax laws introduced from April 2019. The new laws intend to reduce or even suppress the amount of taxes due when inheriting or being gifted money. According to an article from the new law will help beneficiaries […]

What are the costs of buying a home in Andalusia?

If you want to buy a house in Andalucia, but you are not sure what expenses this purchase can entail, this post is for you! The price of a home is not the only factor to consider when buying a home. Thanks to the new Spanish mortgage law of 2019, the costs for the buyer have […]

New Spanish Mortgage Law, How does it affect you?

If you’re hearing about the changes made by the Spanish government regarding mortgage loans and don’t know if they’ll affect you too, this is your article! Whether you already have a mortgage or are applying for a new one, this information is for you! If you already have a mortgage… Are you affected by the […]

Taxes of selling a property: What is the Plusvalia tax in Spain?

If you are planning on Selling your property in Marbella or anywhere in Spain, you will have to assume a series of expenses and certain taxes. One of the taxes that charges the selling of a property in Spain is the Plusvalía. But what is it? There are thousands of articles about how much will […]

What tax do you pay if you sell a property in Spain?

If you are tax based in Spain, the profit obtained by the sale of a property constitutes an income subject to the payment of the Capital Gain Tax (IRPF in Spanish). This increase in an individual’s wealth can be taxed up to 23%, or in certain cases even be exempt. But how does the tax […]

What costs are involved in buying a property in Andalusia, Spain?

In addition to the price of the property, there are some additional expenses to pay in each autonomous community. But what are the expenses involved when buying a house in Andalusia? This autonomous community attracts both the foreign and national public. The wide variety of landscapes: from mountains and snow, to sun and white sandy […]

Brexit & Mortgages in Spain: What to expect

If you are a British citizen who want to buy a property in Spain, or if you already did, but you still wonder what effects the Brexit will have on mortgages in Spain, this is your article. Sabrina García, a Legal Lifeline Lawyer, answers to the main concerns of expats in Spain regarding mortgages. Spain […]

How to get the Golden Visa in Spain to obtain the Residency Permits

In order to obtain the Golden Visa in Spain you need to do an investment of 500.000€ or more in real estate. This investment will grant a Family Residency permit. What is “The Spanish Golden Visa”? In 2013 the Spanish Government, to stimulate the real estate sector, introduced a law in which was stated that, […]

Why is a Licence of First Occupation Needed in Spain?

The Licence of First Occupation (LFO) is important for purchasing a property in spain for two reasons: Its granting means the developer has built the dwelling complying fully with the original Town Hall’s Building Licence (BL) as well as complying with all Planning laws. The inspection to grant this Licence is carried out by Town […]

Documents needed before buying a property

Together with the Association of Spanish Property and Commercial Registrars, the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing has drawn up a brief, simple guide outlining the different steps and recommendations that a private purchaser should follow when buying a house in Spain. It aims to help private purchasers make informed decisions. Within the Spanish […]

Taxes of buying a property in Spain – What is ITP ?

When you first start looking to buy a property in Spain the term “ITP” might pop out. But, What is ITP? Second hand properties are not charged with VAT (IVA in Spanish), however these resales come across with a tax called ITP “Impuesto sobre  Transmisiones Patrimoniales”, which is a transfer Tax set at autonomous community […]

On the Move: Laws and regulations for driving in Spain

If you intend to drive in Spain, you should acquaint yourself with the rules that apply both to getting on the road and obeying regulations.   Driving in Spain is on the right-hand side of the road, similar to many other continental European nations. There are a number of rules that drivers must adhere to […]