Reasons to Buy A Property for Sale in Marbella 1

Reasons to Buy A Property for Sale in Marbella

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How long have you been missing some real rest for you or to spend with your loved ones? Sometimes 24 hours are not enough and daily life seems to have no space for  some basic issues as leisure, a nice weather, enjoying living in specific places, business opportunities, education, great food….There are many elements that help improve or worsen your health. That’s why here at Andalucia Realty we want you to  know all the benefits for your health that living in Marbella will give you.  In Maslow’s 5 needs theory, the physiological ones are the base of the pyramid, and thus the most important: good food, rest, good air quality, health care are the main ingredients to have an happy and healthy life. Considering their importance, we believe that Marbella garantees that those basic need are perfectly met for you and your family. Marbella is the Spanish town with the best air quality you could breathe according to a WHO (World Health Organization) study, that analysed 1600 cities in 91 countries. If you are sick and tired of the all the rain and cold weather, and dream of excaping to a place where the sun is always shining and temperature is perfect,  Marbella is the right town for you, with one of the best weather conditions in the world.

You will find the best beaches to enjoy a total and absolute rest, near exotic landscapes, with clear water and natural sand; here you can meet all Marbella incredible beaches. 

Spanish cuisine is worldwide known for its mediterranean products, being considered during many years the helthiest food in the world. If you want to take care of what you eat and enjoy the best cooks, look here, all the incredible variety of places, that will take care of giving you great food and surprising you with unbeliveble dishes. One thing you should not be worry about living in Marbella is your health care, bearing in mind that Marbella counts with the best hospitals in Spain totally at your disposal and great and well known professionals to take care of your health Another interesting data you would not leave unattended is that according to a recent study of The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, “people who regularly visit museums or attend to theatre shows, tend to experience more satisfaction in their life”, thus more happiness and health. That is why we here offer you the information you need about all Museums and Theatres in Marbella area. 

Marbella, also offers the best education for your children, and that has 6 of the best schools in Spain with the British education system. On the other hand, the amount of psycological pression we’re sadly used to receive daily can negatively influence our physical and mental performance, causing our immunologic system to lose its streght. A study of the Californian Irvine University, though, reveals that the solution can be found in theme leisure such as practicing extreme sports, trakking, fishing, golf or going to the casino, among others. That’s why here at Andalucia Realty we want to offer you  evey option for all existing leisure in Marbella area. 



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