How to save on energy light 1

How to save on energy light

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Andalucia Realty wants you to be aware about home’s energy consumption because it is an important expenditure and generally people do not know enough about it.

Every household can save up to 108 euros yearly on their electricity bill simply by changing from the standard rate (Precio Voluntario al Pequeño Consumidor (PVPC)), to the better offers existing within the free market.

Nowadays, according to the data provided in a national market comparison that is collated by the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC), an average consumer, with 4.4 kW power contracted and using of 366 kW per hour (monthly), could reduce their bills by an average of 9 euros a month.

Currently there are 27 offers available on free market, which would give savings to the end user compared to the standard rate PVPC.

On this website  you can compare all the existing offers within the free market thanks to

We hope this information is useful and allows you to save as much as possible on your electricity bill.



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