Home sales continues to grow in Spain.

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The sales are rising. This extend to the real estate market as well. According to the latest report of the General Council of Notaries in September 30; more than 300 transactions were carried out during the past month, creating an increase of 8.7% compared with the previous year.

With these data, we can conclude that in Spain more and more houses are being bought, and that the property market is rising up. More and more properties are being sold each month. It is leading customers to decide faster, as the property they like might not be available for long.

Investors are seeing an oportunity in the Real Estate Market and have increased their interest towards the Spanish Market. The most turistic areas as Madrid, Barcelona or Marbella are their main objectives as renting a property in Marbella or Madrid can be very lucrative and easy.

From Andalucia Realty, we want to help our customers to find their perfect holiday home or permanent residence. We have access to all of the available properties for sale in Costa del Sol. Our portfolio counts with +60k properties to select the best options according to our customers needs.




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